A great company is not just about the idea, but the team of people supporting and evolving the idea.

Meet Our Team


Ben Goor

With a career path to date that covers the hospitality, media and marketing sectors and with a list of previous entrepreneurial ventures under his belt Ben Goor brings a diverse and extensive mix of skills to the table. To date Ben has a track record in starting, developing and selling companies. Ben currently maintains an interest in numerous ventures that he has helped to get started with media services being at the core.


Angus Elphinstone

Angus Elphinstone’s unparalleled mix of start-up knowledge and first-hand experience makes him the perfect mentor for any company looking to generate massive growth at launch and beyond. Having been involved as both an investor and an entrepreneur for a wide range of UK and European businesses, Angus realises astonishing success and powerful growth with any business he touches. Indeed, Anyvan.com and WVG, two of his own companies, have seen 1,200% and 800% growth respectively over just a couple of years. Not content with this success, Angus is constantly searching for the right kind of disruptive business and innovative individuals with which to share his Midas touch.