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The Growth of Internet over the Last 10 Years


It will be an understatement to say that the number of internet users has doubled in the past decade. The number of people who used the internet ten years ago hardly constituted half the number of Twitter and Facebook users today. With the advent of the Internet, the computer was mainly used for scholarly researches and documentations. As the number of internet users started increasing with the arrival of the new millennium, new websites were popping up every day. A common man could get recognition on this worldly web. Buying a domain name was all it took.

Getting Noticed Through Dot Coms

As the number of internet users started increasing, only purchasing a domain name was just not enough. Website hosts had to come up with valid, interesting and attractive content to gain attention. As the boom of websites started subsiding slowly, search engines gained a tremendous amount of importance. Visitors could just type a keyword onto the search engine and be rewarded with a huge array of information. Websites like Google and Yahoo gained a lot of popularity. This gradually gave rise to Search Engine Optimisation where companies paid their professionals extremely well to buy the most popular terms related to their products and services.

Significant Developments

One of the most important developments of the dot com boom in the past decade has been social networking websites. With the practice of E-mail gaining precedence, website developers’ genius resulted in social networking websites which allowed people living in the remotest corners of the world to interact with each other. As the number of people who used these websites increased drastically, marketers, advertisers, corporate companies, world governments, civil societies, media houses gained sufficient benefit out of it. The need for seed investment is essential more often than not. They could now use these websites to promote their products, campaign against a cause, put an idea across the public, form market strategies, form public opinion and most importantly, begin a social and technological revolution

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