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Anyvan has been Launch Capital's flagship investment, growing the company by 1,200% since launch in Q4 2009. Anyvan nows boasts over 250,000 users with over half within the last six months. With our resources and support we continue to aid their growth within the transport sector.

Anyvan – The Delivery Auction Website

Anyvan has reshaped the European transportation market by utilising the half-full vehicles on our roads and worked with us to generate over 1,200% growth over the past two years, not to mention having won numerous awards. We saw amazing potential in Anyvan’s disruptive business model and offered a flexible plan that included multiple investments at key stages.

Ad Donkey

Yet another UK-first, Ad Donkey is the de-facto street-level advertising marketplace that monetises ‘hard to reach’ media opportunities among both businesses and consumers.  With our guidance and financial backing, Ad Donkey has given hundreds of small and medium sized businesses the opportunity to advertise at an affordable rate.


A true world first, this peer-to-peer capital lending platform exclusively for properties made use of our industry know-how, as well as sizable seed funding, to position themselves as not only first to market, but first preference. Worldwide high interest rates and low capital lending makes Relendex the perfect place to secure investment at lower rates than those offered by the banks.

The Next Big Thing

If your company needs the resources, expertise and finance to become a major force within your industry, there is no better place to start than Launch Capital. We ensure you get the most out of your business idea – don’t wait for someone else to do it.