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We are a powerful UK-based seed investment company specialising in supporting the right businesses at the right time. With Launch Capital your business gets the knowledge, support and financing that’s right for you, whether it’s small seed funding or more sizable growth investment. Our friendly, approachable team is always on the look out for disruptive business models and game-changing ideas, particularly within the field of technology.

We Specialise In:

  • Online Sector
  • Technology
  • Social Media
  • Game changing industries

Got an idea? Need Funding?

A Little More About Us

Launch Capital was created in 2011 with a focus on doing things differently, and has helped dozens of businesses just like yours realise their potential. Investing not only in companies and ideas, but the key personnel that drive great growth, we seek out businesses and individuals that are looking to become the next big thing, primarily within the technology sector. With both wide-ranging financial awareness and first-hand knowledge of launching successful businesses, our team – as well as our financial support – can turn your ideas into reality. If you’re looking for first-round investment or seed capital, get in touch today and see how we can drive your business to the top.

Why use Launch Capital?

  • Highly Motivated Members
  • On hand help and direction
  • Supply seed funding
  • Access to in-house staff
  • Total Confidence

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